Sunday, 23 October 2016
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With Youtube being the second most searched place on the net after Google, video is no longer a business luxury. To remain competitive and grow in today’s multi-media business environment, video becomes a necessary part of the marketing tool kit.


Big companies have historically spent millions on TV Adverts and video presentations, not because they don’t work, but just the opposite. Over the past 60 years, since the invention of television, VIDEO MESSAGES HAVE PROVEN TO CONSISTENTLY WORK.


For many years the most successful companies have all been willing to invest in video as a method of marketing and staying ahead of the competition and as a way to stand out.


Now that technology has evolved with high definition video and the internet, very powerful and effective videos can be made and distributed at such reasonable costs that small and medium sized businesses can benefit in a way like never before.


Our videos can serve different purposes, including:

  • Videos to make customers remember your product, ie: VIRAL COMMERCIAL ) - CLICK HERE
  • Video to show the world exactly what your company does, and why the customer should choose you over everyone else - CLICK HERE
  • YouTube Music Video Supporting an idea, person or product - CLICK HERE
  • Film video/describing a specific product - CLICK HERE
  • Video Press kit for Performing Music Artist - CLICK HERE
  • Video to attract investment in your company - CLICK HERE


We have “starter packages” for small business from just £575.00



First we meet with each client and learn exactly what they are selling and marketing. Then we help them achieve their goals by developing a creative concept and commercial to fit their needs and budget in the same way as a major Fortune 500 advertising company would do.


We are good at being creative and different, and we really work to make your business message remembered, because our belief is that IT MAKES NO SENSE TO MAKE A COMMERCIAL IF YOU WANT TO BE JUST ANOTHER BORING TALKING HEAD.


We want your business to stand out from the crowd and we work with you to make that happen.


We have a team of creative people including copywriters, musicians, artists, directors and producers, who will help design something unique and especially tailored to your business needs.


We also advise you on what we think might be best, based on our experience and your business as well as a variety of available internet distribution outlets for your product once you have made your commercial. This is all part of our service.


So please allow us to help you grow your business, attract customers and put you in the position to be as successful as you want to be by making a video with us. For a creative “VIDEO TO HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW” contact us: