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Papa's Bathtub Gin Scenes from London performance

Reviews from the audience

 "I also enjoyed the performance given by the lady who did the hoodoo rite. her interpretation of incantation was excellent. I think it is great that you decided to inform through this play of the neglected history of the African-American part in bootlegging during the 1930s.", Lawrence M.


"Papa's bath time gin was a play I thoroughly enjoyed. You get lost in the story and the spiritual references adds intrigue and understanding about how it was in the 1930's. It was a brilliant play and I would love to see it again!", Josephine R.


"A total theatrical experience.  What I personally was bowled over by was the "universality" of the subject and the characters - the eternal story of trying to survive by people of any culture at any time.  Not only was this play enjoyed by the audience, one could feel the enjoyment and dedicated devotion of the actors”, Judy C.


"The play itself was a great combination of very well drawn characters and realist situations, together with a tight plot and a jaw-droppingly dramatic finale. The dialogue was authentic and lyrical, evoking a by-gone time when people knew how to tell stories for entertainment. This play will be a big hit with audiences and critics alike.", Anne R.


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Renew Ya Hallelujah, A Teddy Hayes Musical

“I went to go and see Renew Ya Hallelujah last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. This gospel musical tells the story of how the   dynamics of a Christian family, headed by an ambitious female preacher changes when her mentee inherits $3million.

Renew Ya Hallelujah has some great songs, some good and some very moving dramatic moments and humour too. I loved the music and singing and it was good to see Volney Morgan and New Ye as the resident choir.

If you want to attend an enjoyable foot stomping theatre production this is it."

Review Marcia Dixon “The Voice” UK


Clips from the Teddy Hayes' musical version of the SHERLOCK HOLMES classic story The Hound of the Baskervilles

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